In any business operation, protecting corporate interest is an integral component to sustaining the long-term viability of the company. Every entrepreneur wants business growth, but only a few know where to start. Some keep a watchful eye on the competition; others trust a secure cash-in-transit company to do their banking; however, most of them put their focus back to the very beginning—hiring the right employees.

Employees have an immense impact on the company. Therefore, investing in the proper hiring method is crucial. There are things to consider when taking in an extra pair of hands. As an employer, you must consider the costs and whether you can handle the responsibilities of managing an employee. With today’s advanced technology and easy access to a myriad of information from the internet, it is easy for desperate job seekers to create false credentials, misrepresent their qualifications, or cover up a preceding criminal record. A rogue employee can cause serious damage to the company. Fraudulent activities may lead to loss of assets, and eventually business downfall.

Do you really know who you are hiring? Are you certain that you are choosing the right person for the job?

Advantages of an Employee Background Investigation

Once you have a prospective employee, it is essential to know more about the person before putting the offer on the table. Conducting an employee background investigation verifies the accuracy of an applicant’s credentials. You can confirm their educational background, previous employees and work experiences, and discover any criminal history or past employer sanctions.

In the UK, background screening is widely used in different sectors including financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and government. Regardless of your business scale, it is important to avoid employment risks while still at the outset of your hiring process.

Corporate Investigations UK specialises in providing an efficient employee background investigation so business owners can concentrate on hiring the right employees without wasting their valuable time and money. They dig out the facts on who you are about to put on the payroll, to identify whether they are an asset or a liability.

What are the advantages of an employee background investigation?

A comprehensive background check of an employee has proven to be a necessity in today’s competitive market. The following are three of its major benefits:

  •  Improved quality of hire

Strict implementation of a pre-employment background screening, as well as a routine check of tenured employees, helps companies hire employees who fit perfectly with the job requirements and maintain a high employee retention rate. This is extremely beneficial to the business in the long run. An applicant who is hiding something will most likely avoid applying to a position that requires a background check. This serves as a funnel where only qualified candidates get through, and it makes the hiring process a lot faster and easier.

Recruiting the best talent the first time reduces company expenses spent on training and development programs. Having the right people, with the right skill set, in the right job promotes a growth-focused business.

  • Safety in the workplace

In the 2018 Violence at Work statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive, 694,000 incidents of violence at work in 2017-18 have been recorded. In 46% of these incidents, the offender was known to the victim most likely as a workmate, colleague, client, or member of the public known through work.

Employee fraud is increasingly committed in the workplace. Dishonesty and theft are also posing a huge threat to companies. Violence, fraud, and theft are just some of the situations that compromise safety in the workplace. It is the legal and moral responsibility of an employer to provide a safe working environment.

To mitigate the risks, companies must maintain high standards in the hiring process by implementing an employment screening procedure to know if the people you are hiring are who they say they are. A background check will prevent the hiring of applicants with a criminal history, any records of workplace misconduct, and questionable identity.

  • Peace of mind

A properly executed employee background investigation gives the peace of mind that companies need. With a team of excellent employees who are in a safe working environment, it will surely increase productivity, which in turn, develops employee morale, improves the company’s reliability and boosts economic value. Business owners can sleep well at night knowing that their company is well-represented and protected from risks.

Therefore, a background check provides advantages to both the company and its employees. A strong workforce is highly capable to continue the success of a company. It is indisputably a vital component to sustain a long-term business achievement.

In Corporate Investigations UK, they understand the need to make the right decisions. They know how stressful running a business can be and how a wrong choice can have devastating consequences, maybe not immediately but in the future.

With over 25 years of experience in the private investigation field, the company makes sure that you have an effective method in place to protect your corporate interest. Corporate

Investigations UK has expert investigators to personally work with you, for completely professional and confidential services.

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