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Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations available in Greater London from trusted London Private Detectives.

Fraud Investigation Techniques

Fraud Investigation Techniques – Private Investigators UK
25 Years Experience With Male & Female Private Detectives Available
Fraud is becoming very easy to commit nowadays. This is primarily due to the modern world being dominated by electronics and the internet age. Traditional locks have almost universally been replaced by electrical systems. While earlier, transferring money from one bank account to another required using checks signed by the account owner, in today’s internet age, such transfers can be effected in seconds. Continue reading “Fraud Investigation Techniques” »

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Fraud Investigation Service

Fraud Investigation Service – Private Investigators UK
25 Years Experience With Male & Female Private Detectives Available
In the corporate world cases of fraud are a common occurrence. Fraud is generally defined as the collusion of individuals either within or without the company to gain undue advantage in an illegal way. Therefore fraud can be perpetrated by company insiders or third parties in collusion with insiders. Continue reading “Fraud Investigation Service” »

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Fraud Investigation Reports

Fraud Investigation Reports – Private Investigators UK
25 Years Experience With Male & Female Private Detectives Available
Fraud investigations are in most cases a serious undertaking. At the end of the rigorous investigation process fraud investigation reports are produced. Therefore this report is the output of the whole investigation process. A fraud investigation report documents the entire fraud investigation process paying a lot of attension to how the investigation was conducted. Continue reading “Fraud Investigation Reports” »

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Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation

Everyday hundreds of businesses fall victim to fraud. Companies lose millions of dollars through financial fraud and those responsible make huge sums of money.Forensic accounting and fraud investigation includes high levels of training to catch such thieves. Continue reading “Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation” »

Credit Card Fraud Investigation

Credit Card fraud is when the information on a credit card or the credit card itself is stolen. Often, the information on credit cards can be taken with the use of sophisticated software or conning another person into giving it to them. Continue reading “Credit Card Fraud Investigation” »

Property Insurance Fraud

Homeowner Fraud or property insurance fraud is when a person knowingly deceives an insurance company for personal gain. The motive for this crime is that concerned property is worth more when destroyed since the insurance pays for it. Continue reading “Property Insurance Fraud” »

What is Insurance Fraud?

Those who are wondering: “what is insurance fraud”, it ranges from small exaggerations on the policy form to large manipulated claims to money by dishonest people. Essentially, there are two types of fraud. Hard fraud is when someone deliberatly takes measures to trick an insurance company. Continue reading “What is Insurance Fraud?” »

Auto Insurance Fraud Investigation

Auto Insurance Fraud is a branch of Fraud and is a dangerous offence. It involves falsified evidence of crashes, etc and more often than not, the person seeking to commit the fraud ends up hurting people to legitimize his case.
The types of auto insurance frauds are almost limitless. Continue reading “Auto Insurance Fraud Investigation” »

Life Insurance Frauds

Insurance frauds happen when a company, agent or customer deceives to gain profit and money illegally. This can happen in the process of buying, selling or guaranteeing insurance. Continue reading “Life Insurance Frauds” »

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance fraud has existed for as long as insurance has. Fraudulent claims make a hefty portion of all insurance claims. They range from small exaggerations to a deliberate accident or deliberate harm to get what the client is not entitled to. Continue reading “Insurance Fraud Investigation” »