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Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations available in Greater London from trusted London Private Detectives.

What is Fraud Investigation?

Fraud is, simply put, an abuse of power, false representation, or manipulating someone else’s rights for personal gain.  It can also be understood plainly as deception. Continue reading “What is Fraud Investigation?” »

Corporate Fraud Investigation

Corporate Fraud has been a looming evil for businesses in this day and age. With new advancements in technology, paper work, signatures and face to face meetings have become nearly obsolete. Previously, people went to the bank and personally got cheques cleared and accounts managed. Continue reading “Corporate Fraud Investigation” »

Fraud Investigation Techniques

In this electronic day and age, people seem to think that it has become harder for people to commit fraud and get caught. This is a misconception because it has become easier with all electronic methods of transferring data and giving out information. Continue reading “Fraud Investigation Techniques” »