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Surveillance Services

Surveillance services in Greater London supplied by London based London Private Detectives.

Home Security Systems

Within the field of Private investigation you are necessary to have a sense of responsibility as well as a duty to conduct a appropriate and sound investigation. Most private detectives and private investigators are viewed by men and women as those which are in-charge of investigating individuals and their activities. Continue reading “Home Security Systems” »

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Digital Telephone Recorder

A digital telephone recorder may be quickly attached to any telephone to allow private investigators and private detectives to capture that vital information, and has a built in microphone for room recording. Digital or analogue calls may be recorded. The secure digital audio recordings, of as much as 340 hours on a 2 GB Memory card, are in high quality which is essential to every investigation by a private investigator and private detective. Continue reading “Digital Telephone Recorder” »

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Detectives Investigators

Are you trying to find dependable detectives investigators? Then you might have come to the right location with more than 25 years inside the industry we’re able to offer you professional guidance to our customers. We understand that it is extremely stressful for the first time to choose up the telephone and speak to a stranger concerning the issues you may be having or possibly you have utilised a private investigator previously and have had a bad expertise. Continue reading “Detectives Investigators” »

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DAB Radio Camera

This DAB Radio Camera is actually a device that each and every private investigator or private detective should have as it truly is perfect for surveillance in property or office scenarios. Continue reading “DAB Radio Camera” »

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Camera In A Tie

This is an ingenious covert device which could be employed to record actions by all private detectives and private investigators who wear a tie. A private detective or private investigator can conceal this colour camera, which also records audio, to film conversations, interludes or any other meetings that would prove invaluable within the surveillance of an investigation. As the camera is well concealed it can’t be readily spotted, even close up, so a private detective or private investigator can carry out investigations whilst remaining incognito. Continue reading “Camera In A Tie” »

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Audio Data Pen

The primary responsibility or task of a private investigator would be to conduct surveillance and collect information from their target. It is at times unavoidable that the private investigator has to perform data gathering from the target individual himself or herself or to the acquaintances or relatives of the target individual.

Even so so that you can keep away from detection from the target individual the private investigator should conduct his or her interview inside the most discreet manner. Bringing out a pen and paper or the use of conventional audio recorders would quickly spark suspicion this strategy of information gathering would not be efficient and thus it would only produce danger to the safety of the private investigator or private detective. Continue reading “Audio Data Pen” »

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