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Private investigators in the UK often conduct pre-employment screening processes, which typically includes an office based investigation with help of the internet and multi media searches.

CV and reference checks will be conducted in a thorough and methodical manner to ensure that nothing is missed in the persons employment history.

These days, it is the normal process for businesses, regardless of their size, to check the social media profiles of applicants when they are performing a pre-employment screening check. This practice has also been implemented by reliable private investigators in the UK. Social Network sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter may even include bits and pieces of information regarding a potential applicant.

If this is not done, there is a risk of being negligent and accused in their hiring practices. However, the trend of including social media check as part of pre-employment screening is now becoming the centre of a dispute that has become heated, since there are some companies that ask the applicants for login information to their social media profiles. As an outcome, certain states, like Maryland, are currently in the phase of implementing laws that provide limitation to these types of background checks. With this said, it is better to work hand in hand with UK private investigators to find the workers that your company needs.

There was a survey recently conducted which shows that when businesses hire the assistance of UK private investigators to handle pre-employment screening test, the likelihood of hiring productive and high quality employees is also high. Therefore, this practice has been maintained by many companies, with the goal of boosting the company’s productivity and standard. It is very important to hire the assistance of private investigators in the UK in order to find out the background of potential applicants. In this way, businesses are not place in jeopardy.