Not everyone cheats and lies, because not everyone is built for lying and deception. Those that do, are careful, they hide carefully what they do and who they are with, never letting the cheating spouse suspect their actions. And when asked, they refuse and make the concerned person feel guilty.

However, no one is completely successful in deception, one way or the other they tend to forget or do something unconsciously to reveal what they are doing. They slip up and it is easy to spot how, even if they keep denying it. So, how to tell if someone is lying about cheating?

1. Change in Routine:

Sometimes people do work later than normal, but cheaters have either fixed or flexible nights when they work late. It is difficult to understand and find out for certain if they are cheating by this alone, but it is a start.

2. Mood Swings:

Has the person suspected of cheating suddenly become short tempered? Moody? Easily fighting with their loved ones? This is a subconscious reaction of the brain’s way of trying to get rid of the guilt and anger at themselves. It’s a way to dispel all the negative and self deriding emotions residing inside them. They also become angry at the person they cheat on when they call or come over unannounced.

3. Sudden Distance:

If they don’t talk as much, are silent and secretive, it is a sign of how they might be cheating. The intimacy in a relationship can fade away when the cheating party finds someone else to be intimate with.

4. Perfumes and Scents:

Even though it a romanticized notion, the cheating party will ‘smell’ different to their partner. It could be subtle, an after shave or perfume that they do not use, but it a sign that they have been physically close to someone else.

5. Secretive behavior:

The cheating party is often secretive and possessive about their things. If they suddenly object to looking through their phones when they had not done so before, it can mean that they are having an affair and wish to keep texts and email to themselves.

Similarly, if they have developed a new habit of leaving the room when the phone rings, it is also indicative of the fact that they might be cheating. And should they be asked who it was, they shrug it off with a vague response that reveals nothing.

6. Talking about a Certain Person:

Another sign is how they cannot stop talking about one single person, though they put them down most of the time, insult and make fun of them. This is to try and stave of suspicion and keep their partners in the dark about their adultery.

To catch a cheating husband or partner, it is vital to keep in might these small details because these small things can show the true nature of a cheater. They would probably not even know they are doing most of these things, so it gives the suspecting partner an edge.