Lie detector or polygraph tests are used to decide if a person is telling the truth or not. They are frequently used by police and attorneys or high ranking businesses, but everyday people can use them as well.

Mostly commonly people use this to find out if someone has been cheating, embezzling money in business, sex offender history and drug trafficking.

How much does a lie detector test cost?

The cost of a polygraph test can range from anywhere around $200 – $2000, depending on various factors that affect the test. A nonrefundable deposit has to made before the actual test is taken, regardless of the fact that the client shows up or not.

Some company prices can start from $400 but they let the client know that they are viable to change depending on the time taken on the test. Home testing is relatively cheaper. They can start from $90 – $700 but the accuracy of these tests is not considered as accurate as the ones taken in company property.

Where the test is being taken is up to the client, but once the test has been scheduled, the company taking the test and the examiners will take the test a day after the test is finalized. If the test is being taken at home, the client is required to make the environment secure for the test, which means no distractions, an available electric supply and a silent atmosphere. There is no extra charge for this but if the client wishes to take a motel room for the test, the expenses will be paid by the client and not the company

The duration of the test, on average, takes around two hours, but it can vary depending on the client, the place and other issues. The test measures physiological changes in a person, for example blood pressure, respiration, pulse and skin conductivity. So these can add to the time of the test and that adds to the cost.

The prices vary in different countries, all depending on the time and foreign exchange rate.

Discounted prices:

Some companies offer discounts to the people taking the test. Sometimes, if the client takes the same company test for different issues, they are suitable for a discount. For infidelity, some companies can chop off $50 from the cost of a test if both involved parties take the test.

The fee of the test will be decided before the test is taken and paid before the client takes the test. Cancellations can be made for up to twenty four hours after an appointment for the test has been made. After the assigned time, the client will be charged regardless of whether or not they take the test.

The test results are permissible in court and have often been used as evidence by attorneys. The test can get expensive; however, most of the times when it is carried out, it has usually become mandatory to do so. Just look out for discounts.