A polygraph test or a lie detector test can be used to establish the truth about almost any given situation. The services various companies provide are not limited to police officers, attorneys or government officials, but are also available to the public.

It is a simple task if the state or country of an individual allows them to take the test. Some countries do not allow this test to be taken, it is considered illegal and viable for punishment.There are many reasons, other than criminal, for someone who wants to take the test. It is not limited to one or two conditions and mostly ordinary everyday people have this test taken to either prove their innocent in a suspected company fraud or infidelity in marriage.

How to get the Test:

To have a polygraph test taken, one has to know what company is to be contacted.

Unlike the movies, a police station is not the ideal place to take this test. When a polygraph testing agent is called, he will often be accompanied by an assistant or interpreter. Different to an appointment, they will let the client decide where and when to take the test.

However, there are a few guidelines and rules that the client has to follow before they take the test.

Some of the things the examiner will ask of the client; is to take the test in a silent room. There would have to be no disturbances if the test is taken at home. No pets, babies or loud music will be allowed and the temperature of the room would have to be pleasant enough not to accelerate or lower the heartbeat of the person taking the test.

Where to take the Test:

If the test is being taken outside the home, then the place has to be silent. It can be an office, a classroom or someplace silent. The examiners will not take the exam and have the right to refuse taking the test in a hotel especially if the client is a woman – the reasons are rather obvious.

If the test is taken on company property, then they will notify when and what time is suitable for the test to be taken. A lie detector machine will be provided and the test taken once the client is calm enough. Most countries in the world have allowed this test to take place. They have certain companies that take this test after going through a series of guidelines and registrations.

Polygraph tests solve small issues, like family disputes and false allegations, to larger crimes that reach the federal and government employees. Police and lawyers can use the services of these companies and form most of the percentage of people who use this service.

After the test is taken, the results are provided right there, but if the client wishes for a proper report, it takes a few days. Confidentially is important and the results mailed to the client arrive in a tamper proof envelope.