If using a ‘bug’ or wireless spyware is too much of a hassle, Cell phone Listening Devices are a fitting substitute. The ingenious software used can help you keep track of your phone; emails and text messages received and also monitor your physical location, should that be needed.

This software allows one to use it to keep track of loved ones, monitor coworkers or employees and find the phone if it is ever lost or stolen.

The cell phone bugging devices are able to record both sides of a conversation. Activated once a call is accepted, an alert is sent to the user’s phone and they can listen in to any conversation the person of interest has on their phone.

1. Installation:

Installing the software to spy on cell phones is not hard, but some of them have to be compatible with the phone itself.

For example, some software cannot work on smart phones or advanced phones like the Iphone or Android software.

2. Use:

To use this feature, the phone of the person of interest just has to be on. Using a single command, via remote, the phone can be turned into a listening device without any hassle. All it takes is for the phone to be on and it is transformed into a bug. All it takes is a few minutes to install the software and the targeted person is none the wiser.
The targeted person will be unaware of how their phone is being tapped into because the software is virtually imperceptible. And should they do discover it, changing their number will do nothing because it will be the phone itself that has the installed software inside.

The spyware is so intelligent that all one has to do is send a text and it will activate. The software will ‘call’ you back and one can easily listen in on conversations they are interested in. The phone listening device will let them in on the conversation and once it is finished, all it takes to stop the spying is to put the phone down.
Should activity start up again, it will call the user back.

3. Detection:

This software is not like audio listening devices or wireless devices. It can be detected, but to do so, the target would have to be aware of what they need to search for.
Sometimes, the phone will light up by itself, or it will receive text messages from random numbers. If the phone has a camera, it will flash without a picture being taken.

The software may be good, but it is not without flaws, once discovered, it can be uninstalled by reprogramming the entire phone or simply buying another phone.

Cyber stalking has become a trend for jealous spouses or over bearing parents, but police officers and those searching for criminals also use this feature to capture criminals and put them behind bars.  Hence these devices can prove to be very useful but should be carefully handled by users.