Hidden listening devices for Cars or  ‘bugs’ are  commonly used devices, often used by law enforcing agencies to find out and terminate threats to the country. However, it is also used for other purposes, such as watching over loved ones or keeping an ear out for happenings in the office.One of the uses of this device is to place it in a car and listen in on the conversations taking place inside the vehicle. Since most of the spying devices are highly durable and can withstand pressure, water damage and even humidity, they are difficult to destroy once they are planted.

1. Durability:

Being able to stay on the car even as the car moves, these devices have amplifiers and mic which can easily record and broadcast the conversation and transmit it to the user from anywhere the car goes.
Although, it depends on the type of device bought. Some have a smaller broadcast range; others can reach up to miles. Some use radio frequencies that are safe and undetectable, others do not.

Placed inside the car, they can catch all conversations that are conducted inside.
Some software, specific to phones can also be used to ‘bug’ cars. All one needs is the right program and the phone is activated with a single call, acting like a microphone and letting the consumer listen to all conversation that takes place inside the car.

This, however, cannot give the quality that real bugging devices give out because it depends on the quality of the phone. Real bugging devices for cars are able to cancel out background noises and focus on the conversation taking place. The software cannot work as well in a moving car because of the noise of the car engine and other environmental aspects.

2. Utilization:

Generally used by car renting offices or companies that lease cars to their employees, these are a good feature to have. It keeps an eye on the car and prevents employees from going against company policies or guidelines set by the officials.

Covert listening devices designed for cars are so that conversations that take place in the car can be recorded. They also have a GPS feature so that the vehicle can be tracked by the company leasing them out. A record of where the car was taken is available if the device is connected to a satellite and the businessman can pin point its location.

Since some devices are flat and small, they can be attached anywhere. Their small bodies are durable, hard to spot and easy to hide. Once hidden and activated, it cannot be found without proper counter acting devices.

Normally, these cannot be found unless they interfere with the frequencies of the car radio, which is a possibility. This, however, is easily solved because the user had to wrap the device in aluminum. A tear in the aluminum can allow the frequencies to be detected, so caution has to be practiced. Whenever in need of discretion, these devices are the way to go.