Though it is a covert spyware, secret listening devices are actually used for ordinary, everyday issues. Some hidden listening devices are used at home to keep an eye on babies or nannies, or to listen to meetings if one is unable to attend and also to check up in the work place if the consumer is away.

Sometimes, phone calls cannot do what covert listening devices can. When on a phone call, a person can hear only what the other person chooses to tell them. Information becomes limited and therefore a listening device is needed to make sure that all information comes through to them, unfiltered.


To get the best in audio spyware, one has to be aware of what they are buying.
There are many kinds of listening devices, ranging from a simple baby monitor to the exciting radio transmitters that can be hidden inside everyday items.

Radio transmitters are so tiny that some of them can fit on the tip of a finger and still be able to broadcast information and frequencies at a spectacular range. When it is placed and activated, a covert listening device can work for up to five years, depending on the model and company that made it.

Some of the features included are extraordinary. For example, a device hidden in a car cannot be detached by the vibrations of a car during driving or become harmed by water damage. A few devices can power themselves when hidden in wall sockets or placed on phone lines. They can record both sides of a telephone conversation and pick up the smallest noises in the chosen room.

Types and Uses of Listening Devices:

Some devices are so small and require no source of power. These are impossible to find because they are not only tiny, but designed to last for a long time – sometimes for up to five years – without a concrete power source.
The sound clarity depends upon the make, but most of the devices can give a clear and static free audio.
The devices that cannot be detected are used on high levels, for example in the U.N meeting of huge companies where espionage is a common occurrence.

Although police and government agents are the most common of the consumers, the rest of the buyers are made up of businessman and companies that seek to keep their employees in check or search out those that are causing harm to their business.

A covert listening device is not designed for the purpose of spying or eavesdropping. Though people use them to listen in on unsuspecting people, these are designed for the safety and protection of society in general.
They are often used for the smallest purposes, in the domestic atmosphere, in business, among friends for entertainment purposes. In other more serious cases, these devices are used at high posts in the government, federal level or even in military operations. Hence, these devices prove to be extremely indispensible for a variety of people belonging to diverse fields.