A man called the workplace asking for some guidance. He and his wife had been separated for over 6 months. She was still living within the matrimonial house and he had moved out into a flat. The arrangement was that she would get a job and put the house in the marketplace and they could then split the money and each buys a smaller comfortable residence. The split was a mutual one as both parties had had affairs. His wife had produced no try to market the property and kept creating excuses as to why not. He also believes that the wife has moved her boyfriend in and our client was nonetheless footing the bills for that residence and his own flat.

He wanted us to pose as achievable buyers. His strategy was to go round and knock on the door and ask if it was for sale. If his wife stated no he would know that she had no intention of putting it up for sale. He also wanted proof that her boyfriend was living there and if she had tried to obtain work. Our client was required to pay upkeep for her whilst she was out of function and pay for the upkeep with the house.

We completed a six hour session of surveillance in which we followed her from the home to see if she was generating any effort to sell the residence and get a job. In the course of the session the boyfriend let himself within the front door having a important and he parked his car on the drive. Our client’s wife went towards the hairdressers after which did some shopping. She passed some estate agents but did not go in any of them. On the instruction of our client we completed two a lot more six hour sessions and noted once again that the boyfriend entered the home again by himself using a key.

Our client went to see his solicitor with the film footage along with the reports. His solicitor confirmed that he could divorce her on the grounds of adultery and that since her boyfriend was in paid employment and must be contributing to the home hold they ought to be able to force the sale with the residence and lessen the quantity of upkeep our client was paying.