We had a telephone call from a woman who needed to find out exactly where her husband was. He had left her and also the young children but had not given her a forwarding address. She told us that though he came to see their young children once a week he didn’t give her any cash for them and with out an address for him she could not give his particulars towards the CSA. He had changed his job when he left and she did not know where he was working now. The only time she knew exactly where he was was when he came to see the youngsters.

We decided that to find out exactly where he was living and working we really should fit a tracking device to his automobile. This would tell us where he was staying and where he was working. The vehicle belonged to our client so we could fit the device when he next came to go to the children. We suggested the device must stay on the vehicle for two weeks. This would make sure a superb pattern of movements from the auto.

We found the data within the very first week and using a couple of follow up phone calls confirmed the information was appropriate. We removed the device right after two weeks and our client could give the information to the CSA. Our client then decided she wanted to know if he was cohabitating with yet another woman. We carried out surveillance on the home address we had found for him. Following three sessions of six hour slots we had enough evidence of cohabitation for our client to take to her solicitor.

We have given that located out that she has filed for divorce on the ground of adultery and that he left her for this new woman. He has had to pay all the arrears from the CSA.