A lady referred to as the agency to ask us if we could assist discover a man that had conned her into giving him a big quantity of dollars. She told us that she had gone onto a internet dating agency and had got talking to a man. She said that they had a lot in widespread and she really wanted to meet up with him.

She didn’t want to tell him exactly where she lived and he didn’t tell her. They arranged to meet in a public location after which to go for a meal. They had a lovely meal but when it came to paying for it he said that he must have lost his wallet. She told him not to be concerned and that the dinner was on her. He said he would make it up to her on their subsequent date.

The following day a dozen red roses arrived at her works address for her she was fairly surprised that they had been from him. She had not told him exactly where she worked. She decided to call him to thank him but also to ask him how he had located her works address. He was really domineering and overpowering and he made our client believe that she had given him the address.

They met up again and this time he asked her if she would lend him some money. She didn’t actually wish to do this but he created her feel so guilty she agreed. She paid the cash into a bank account in his name and surprisingly has not observed him considering that. We took all of the particulars that she had and we set to function to discover out who he actually was. It took lots of challenging function and 3 to four weeks but we lastly came up with his appropriate name and address. We gave this info to our client who in turn passed it onto her solicitor. We have given that found out that she has managed to get back most of her money