Computer forensics tools are an imperative part of the software engineering side of private detectives and their services. The digital forensics tools have recently been increased to a great number to allow ease in the evidence collected for the private detectives London.

Initially when Computers were first introduced to individuals they were simple machines used to deliver information.However, over time in the 21st century their use has extended to all gadgets identified with computerized information. The objective of Computer forensics investigation is to perform private investigations by utilizing proof that can now easily be discovered from the computer software to expose a crime.

For efficient and viable research or examination during a computer forensics investigation, engineers have introduced several new computer forensics tools to make occupation of private investigators easier and quicker.There is now a long list of computer forensics tools that makes the investigation task easier.

Following are some of them:

1. Volatility:

Volatility is a computer forensics tool that allows extensive malware examination allowing private investigators to concentrate advanced relics from RAM. Through the use of the volatility tool you can remove data, open system attachments, process Ids, and gain access to several other similar things found within a computer.

2. Imager:

An imager is an information review and imaging device that permits you to analyze documents and organizers on drives and survey the substance such as pictures that can be used as evidence. Utilizing the imager private investigators can come across deleted pictures that prove as evidence for the private detectives. It also helps survey documents that were erased.


CAINE sands for Computer Aided Investigative Environment and it further contains an abundance of computerized measurable devices. This particular device allows access to various gadgets that have been used in corporation with the computer. This is one of the very advanced computer forensics tool.

4. Editor NEO:

An Editor Neo is a fundamental supervisor that was initially used to identify substantial records. While performing extensive investigations, private investigators London have come across repetitive and large sums of information and hence this particular tool proves handy and useful. It helps in performing activities such as allowing investigators to manual information cutting, data assembling, and even allowing scanning for concealed information.

5. Last Activity viewer:

Last activity viewer permits you to view what moves were made by a client and what occasions happened on the computer device before a certain unlawful activity took place. It allows individuals to run executable documents and gives an open access to previous records. The data can be traded as useful documents. This device is valuable when you have to demonstrate that a client performed an activity that contributed to someone’s financial or materialistic loss.

As a result of the emerging computer forensic softwares, the job of private investigators and private eye agencies have been made a whole lot easier. Go to the best investigator if you think you have a problem. Do not hesitate. You might not realise how useful these services can be until you utilise them.