A forensic phone data recovery is when a full retrieval of the data on a phone is possible. When something in a phone is deleted, a phone forensic software can find out and recover the lost files.When someone deletes something in their phone they think that the data is lost forever. This is not true.

When a phone ‘deletes’ a file, it notifies the user that the space is free for use. The user will consider the information lost when in truth it is still there in the phone database. Eventually, with use, it will be overwritten.

Retrieving lost data:

The mobile forensic software uses different methods to search and retrieve the data.
Another process the software uses is called ‘rooting’. Rooting is the process of overcoming the limitations of phones. This gives the investigator privileges that an administrator has.  This includes a list of all deleted or sent text messages and calls that can be saved later for investigation.
Some devices are more advanced in terms of software and are simple enough to be downloaded into a home computer.

Forensic Software Investigating

These programs are able to extract, decode, analyze and report mobile phone data. It can extract passwords, data files and discover hidden data. It comes with tracking software that can trace the phone wherever it goes.
Activating a listening device, some programs can also turn the phone into a mic for them to listen in on the conversations taking place.

The phone user would not be able to detect the person listening in on their calls or be aware of the fact that their text is being read by someone else. The software can allow both spies and investigators to tap into their phones and have a record of everything sent and received.

People tend to think that phone calls can be deleted from the directory permanently. This is just an assumption. The forensic experts can easily check the duration of the calls and recover the conversation itself. The time it was made is also a simple thing to extract once the proper methods are applied.

All phones have a processor that stores the information the user uses every day. The investigators target this processor and see if there are hidden files within the system. Once they discover anomalies in the system, they can put their software and investigative skills to good use and extract the wanted data.

Mobile Phone forensic software preserves the data in the phone memory. That way if someone loses the data on their phone; all the investigators and experts have to do is use these programs to retrieve data. Some software can even tamper with files in phones, but that is best left to the professionals.

When a forensic investigator is called, it is not only for analytical purposes. Some people lose the information on their phone and ask them to retrieve it without hassle. Similarly, some people like to preserve memories that exist on their phone in terms of pictures or text messages in case of which this data recovery becomes crucial.