We had a case come in the other night at about 0200hrs. It was a man who had been really a celebrity in his younger days. Some youngsters had identified out who he was and where pestering and harassing him inside the street. He told us that they had not but identified out where he lived but he felt it wouldn’t be ahead of long. He was only a small man and he is now quite old and frail. He stated that this had happened to him prior to. He said that he had moved the last time it happened but now he was too old to move. He just wanted to grow old gracefully and in peace.

We chatted to him for really some time as we wanted to uncover out about his scenario. He didn’t mind the recognition as he had had this all his life. What he hated was the chanting and also the just how much the children frightened him. He said he didn’t keep in mind children being so disrespectful and disobedient years ago. We also asked him what he wanted to accomplish by us helping him. We decided that we would watch what takes place when he gets caught with these youngsters.

We followed our client about at a secure distance. Every little thing was going ok until he left the shops and was walking back to his flat. All of a sudden there was really a significant crowd of children about him. They were all chanting his name calling out for sweets. Our client seemed quite frightened but he continued to smile and walked a bit quicker. As soon as he was near the flats the crowd disbursed and our client was free to walk exactly where he wanted to.

We had enough film to give to the police. The Police had been quite useful; they stated that rather than him struggling to obtain past the crowd they would send a WPC or perhaps a Social worker to call for him. Our client was delighted as he would also have some firm now.