In the course of the winter we had a call for 1 of our clients. She was concerned that somebody had moved into her garden shed. As it was the winter she didn’t go into the garden as a lot as within the summer months. 1 weekend she decided to clear up all of the fallen apples and pears from the trees. Even though she was available she went into the shed and she found some blankets and some takeaway food containers. She believed this was really strange but thought that maybe her teenage son and his pals had had a sleepover inside the shed.

She quizzed her son and he said that they wouldn’t sleep in there as the roof leaked and there was no electricity. The next factor that occurred was a little fire had been made within the entrance towards the shed and there were far more blankets and rubbish. She named the Police and they suggested she would get a quicker response if she known as us.

We decided to put up a covert camera pointing at the shed to obtain towards the bottom of it. Right after a couple of days the tapes showed a filthy young man going into the shed and creating a fire. He sat huddled up by the fire all night. Our client had never observed him prior to and as he seemed so young she wanted to help him. The next night a social worker and our client went out into the garden to see if they could help the young man.

He was really polite but looked exhausted. He had run away from his house and had been sleeping rough in our client’s garden and other gardens in the neighbourhood. The social worker told him she could put him into care for the night and sort out his scenario within the morning. He is now with foster parents and doing nicely at school.